May 11, 2011

Blogging in bed

It seems everybody who is in the know likes to have blog posts written ahead of time. You know, those bloggers who have posts that exist for longer than 5 minutes before you post them for the whole wide world to see.

I?  Can barely drag posts out on time (meaning for a linky party somewhere).  I was getting frustrated by hauling my tired behind up out of bed every night I had a good idea for a post.  By the time I got up and the computer was going my idea was long gone.


Then I read this.  Wait. What? REEEEEALLY?

So now I can roll over in bed, peck out my blog post on my iPod and email it to my drafts folder.

Thank you Carolyn!

Emailing rough blog posts to my drafts folder works for me!

What blogging tips/tricks make it easier for you to keep up on posting?

Find more tips/tricks and how-do-they-do-thats at;

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