May 16, 2011

Tadpole no more

Two years ago your daddy and I were coming to the end of our first day with you. You were tiny and delicate. Our hearts overflowed and covered you with love.

Daddy was able to see you born. He was the first to feed you. Change you. The first skin you snuggled up to was his. You couldn't hold on to much yet but you got a good firm grip on Daddy's heart. You still do.

When your sister first saw you her grin stretched from ear to ear. I could hardly believe the size difference! Now you're catching up to her. You run from room to room after her. Mornings are not your favourite time. They mean that she's gone for the day. You'll call her name for the rest of the day and nearly push Daddy out the door when its school pickup time.

I wasn't your sister's first word. I wasn't your first word. I'll settle for being your favorite word. You love to be near me. When I go for a nap on the weekends you'll knock on the bedroom door and call me. When Daddy gets you up and brings you to me you crawl across our bed and snuggle in with me.

Today* you are 2. Two years of a darling little redhead transforming our family from three to four. Reducing our storage space but filling a space in our family we didn't even know was there. A space that you fit perfectly with your demanding, loving, mischievous little body. You fill us up with blown kisses. "l-l-love loo's" and cuddles. You run from one to the other begging kisses and hugs, sharing us, connecting us.

Happy Birthday, my little Frog.

*This should have actually been posted on the 12th, but Blogger was down. As the whole world knows.

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