July 03, 2011

Another one bites the dust

June is done, gone, finito!

In a holdover from my school days, the last week of June makes me just a tad giddy. Add packing do our first family trip in 5.5 years into the mix and it was a little slice of chaos.

June was my month to reconnect with friends. Which I did very little of. I wanted to make my own stationary to send gorgeous cards and little notes. While I admit the idea had merit, I just didn't make the time to do it! I'm going to tack it onto this month's resolution to have fun.

Speaking of having fun, the whole no time to nap family is on vacation this week! I'm excited for the time to reconnect.

June 15, 2011


Art journals are lovely things. When I'm at a loss for writing a page or two off the top of my head I look for journalling prompts to get me through. I am always on the lookout for new prompts and art journal ideas.

Last week I found Janel's 30 Day Sketchbook challenge.  Such fun! No need to find my own prompts to use.  That works for me.

Now if only I had a blank journal to catch up in.  I priced some out the other day at Michael's.  The watercolour one I want is $32 for not even enough pages!  I'm gonna need to ask Dr. Google about this one.

Are any of you doing any art journalling?  Have you seen Janel's art journal Flickr group?

June 02, 2011

Button Button

This morning I'm doing some blog maintenance.

So don't mind the hair pulling and screeching you hear.

The blog should have some new goodies by the end of the day, starting with a button with a html code!

Thanks to this tutorial it took me all of 20 minutes to make a button.  Now that I've done it once, I'm sure it will take me less time to make others!

The background is from The Studio Spring Fling Paper Pack by Kimberkatt Scraps

May 30, 2011

You want me to what when?!

You know what 'they' say about good intentions.  My road is paved with yellow BRICKS of good intentions. Or rather, my Happiness Project road is paved with good resolutions.  Occasionally those bricks need to be pried up and replaced with something else.

My Happiness Project resolutions for May were going to be clutter clearing and system maintenance.  I was going to print labels, and rearrange closets.  Trips to the thrift store were going to happen.  There were some areas of the apartment that desperately needed a little touch up.  Or a lot of clearing out.  I was starting to plan what to work on what week, and was eager to jump in garbage bag feet first.

Until, finally, I found work!  Now I work weekends.  My entire schedule needed some adjustments and some days I just didn't have the energy to do much.  I realized that making some adjustments to my weekly schedule was actually part of maintaining a system.

So! The adjustments I made were; the schedule is now super flexible, and napping when Frog is napping.

Now it's the end of May (and how did that happen!?) and I am ready to start June with a new schedule.

June is going to be the month of renewing old friendships.  I procrastinate sending letters/emails/cards all the time.  I'm going to take today and tomorrow to figure out what specific ways I'm going to work on this resolution.

What are you up to this month? If you're doing a Happiness Project, what's June's resolutions?