Happiness Project

After I read The Happiness Project in a very short 3 days, I was all fired up to do it myself!  So I let it sit and stew. I did get a notebook to start writing down my ideas/thoughts/plans for it so I wouldn't forget anything.

It's now the end of January and I thought I'd share my Happiness Project resolutions and goals for the year.

January - Organization
  • set up & stick to a daily schedule & routine
  • set up & stick to a regular cleaning schedule

February - Energy
  • get enough sleep
  • get up earlier

March - Family
  • schedule regular date nights with Hubs
  • schedule one on one with Turtle and Frog
  • establish family traditions

April - Work
  • start a 'new' side hustle
  • get a new job

May - Clutter
  • reduce the amount of clothing we own
  • maintain household systems

June - Friends
  • restart an old friendship

July - Fun
  • plan family activities for weekends
  • take a family vacation

August - Money
  • pay off debt
  • set up a will/living trust

September - Learning
  • learn something new

October - Creativity
  • rekindle an old hobby
  • improve your photography

November - Spirituality
  • spend more time in meditation

December - Memories
  • create a photo album for 2011
  • make a time capsule

At the end of each month I'll do a post updating my goals checklist.

Here's to capturing a happier 2011!