May 02, 2011

April and May Happiness Project

April's resolution category was work.

Specifically I wanted to a) find a new side 'hustle' and b) get a new job.

a) I spent at least one day a week in April volunteering at Turtle's school. As a result of all my hard volunteer work (and the student teacher leaving) I will now be spending my Tuesday afternoons counting, spelling and reading with individual kids from Turtle's class. I'm excited! I am learning some awesome teaching/tutoring skills but not for any benefit except homeschooling Turtle over the summer.

b) I'm waiting to hear from one place.  I worked there while pregnant with Frog and they may have a permanent part time position opening that is ONLY weekends (and one night, but we can work with that).

May's resolution category is clutter.

How I love this category! Especially since we are still unpacking bags from the bugs.  I decided today I would work the girls' stuffed animals down to the absolute bare minimum.  So far Turtle hasn't asked for even ONE of them.  I'm taking that as a sign I can purge them all a few.

My specific goals for this month are a) reduce the amount of clothing we own b) maintain household systems

a) Since we had to wash everything in the girls' room I took the opportunity to go through it when I was putting the clean clothes away.  I filled 2.5 gallon Ziploc bags of clothes from them! Next I'm on to my closet.  I really don't have a lot of clothes unless you count what I need to alter.  If I can't figure out how I want to alter anything - it's gone!

b) I have a lot of unlabelled baskets that Turtle and I both need to access.  With us both having ADD the lack of labels means a lot of "I don't know where it goes!"  Since I've already containerized them, labelling the baskets will make the homes of items more concrete for both Turtle and I which means a big sigh of relief.

I'm going to be changing up my chalkboard with May's quote "Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" William Morris.

If you want to know more about how I set up my Happiness Project you can go on over to Alissa's where I am doing my very first guest post!  Go! Read!

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