February 21, 2011


Come closer.


Ok, maybe not that close.

I want you to listen to something.  We are going to tip toe into the girls room.  The door is going veeeeeeeery quietly open.


Do you HEAR that?

That hilarious little snort/whistle/growl?

That would be Turtle and Frog snoring. SNORING!


We are going to cloooooose the door and tip toe to the other bedroom.

Veeeeeeeery quietly (although, we could just slam the door open and gasp) we are going to open the door and listen.

Here that?

MORE SNORING! Now. To be perfectly honest, I snore as well.  I wake myself up when I snore.  So I know I do it.

These three? "I don't snore hun/mawm!"

The point to this whole post?  Today I dusted and vacuumed to cut down on the snoring.

Buh-bye dust mites! See you next week!

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