February 20, 2011

Grand Plan - Pantry

I was going to do updates for everything I've organized/decluttered in one post.  If I did that, it would be one VERY picture heavy post and really? I need SOMETHING to blog about this week.

So I'll start from the beginning. The pantry was week 1 (it is week 7).  I've since had to go back in there and rearrange it.  There is still some work to be done in there.  I need to get more baskets and purge more stuff off the shelves.  I also really need to hang the art that is being stored everywhere at the moment.

'Pantry' Before

The pantry was the unfortunate dumping ground for everything I had in holding.  Yeah, I was holding on to too much!

'Pantry' First Try
This first try was by far the best.  There was NOTHING on the floor and I loved it.

'Pantry' Second Try
I did a bookcase shuffle for the second try. The screen and our DIY window shade made their way into the pantry.  The girls games and books also got a shuffle and wound up in here.  It is so much easier for Turtle to get to her art supplies now.

Items to Clear;
folding screen - am I REALLY going to use this?
girls books - they can be purged, or at least downsized
artwork - I need to get some 3M hooks and replacement glazier points so I can hang all the art again
cleaning supplies - I'm going to put those back in the coat closet with the laundry supplies

Things to Add;
labels for the girls books
storage for Turtle's art supplies
baskets/lazy susans for baking and pantry staples
hook for broom

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