February 18, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

One of my absolute favorite things is a binder filled with lined paper, dividers, cover pages, labels. This binder contains all the useful bits of information that I need to refer to.  Schedules, medical information, all those goodies that I need a physical copy of in one place so I'm not running around the house wasting time hunting them up.

Since I developed mom brain (and a recurring need for a nap) I can hardly remember what I want to remember, let alone where I may have put something.  It doesn't matter what it is; paper, (mine, Hubs, the girls'), an object (my purse, the diaper bag, Turtle's school bag) or a piece of information (medical insurance papers). The second I neeed to do something with it, is the second it grows legs and scurries off to the lost sock dimension.

When I found Fly Lady, I was introduced to Control Journals. As with everything else Fly Lady I adapted it to work for me. 'So smart,' I thought, 'bet no one else has done this!'

To my great delight, when I just was not happy with my control journal, I found a plethora of blogs with their own versions of control journals.

Toni  had a household notebook as her first weekly organizing challenge.

Yay! More household notebooks to browse!

Amanda posted a huge list of links to printable!

I love Denise's binder.

I could go on and on. If you are looking for some household notebook inspiration click over to Toni's and check the binder post for more links.

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  1. I desperately need one of these. Fly Lady has helped with me being "domestically challenged", and a nicely organized binder is next on my list!