February 24, 2011

Mama Got Cards

When I checked my mail this morning I got a nice (expected) surprise!

Oooooh purdy! I love the packaging so much I hesitate to open it, but, I do! I can use it to store my goodies in!

What's inside you ask? My Mama Cards that Caitlyn from Mabel's Labels sent me.*

I was a little wary of the color, since there isn't an option of a design in mainly purple (which is my signature/favorite color). I chose to order the Field design. I like the simplicity of the design.

I love that there is a space on the back of the cards for notes.

My favorite part of the mama cards, by far, is the finish on them. It's not the shiny/slippery you can get on business cards. It's also not the paper texture you find on the DIY cards you make from kits. It's a nice matte finish that is very soft to the touch. I'm big on stationery, and these are awesome to hand out to people. I can't wait to hand out my first few!**

*in exchange for a review on my blog
**I don't usually carry my iPod or a cellphone, these work awesome for me to hand out my info to anyone who needs to contact me

Legal Stuff:
As a buzzmama I periodically receive Mabel's Labels products for being a volunteer ambassador.  However, if I didn't like them, I wouldn't buzz about them.

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