March 05, 2011

Not Qualified

Anyone who has looked for work knows that it's an entirely depressing series of events/tasks/whatever.

I? Had always been lucky in not having to endure the torturous wait of second or third interviews. Or a group interview. Had being the key word in that last sentence.

After I had Turtle and went back to work, I discovered that having a limited availability was strike one.

Not wanting to work long hours and give up my family time? That was strike two.

Refusing to work for someone who had no concept of employee morale being connected to employee work quality? That was strike three.

So now I find myself looking for work in an economy where all those entry level positions that I love? Those are all gone.

Now I need experience with computer programs I just barely muddle through.  I need certification that would cost me hundreds of dollars to get.  I need to find daycare for not just Turtle but Frog as well.  Daycare that would then cut any salary I am earning in half, or more.

I'm not giving up. I have oodles of customer service experience, people like me, I like helping people. For a job that will actually MAKE me money? I am sadly, not qualified.

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