November 30, 2010

One or two more things off the floor

Girls like stuffed animals. My girls LOVE stuffed animals and I've had to restrain myself from buying them every little cuddly fuzzy one they see and "aw" at. Months and months ago I bought Turtle a toy net to put her favourite stuffies in so Frog couldn't get at them and muck them up.  A month ago I bought the Fabler Groda wall pockets from Ikea to add some more storage by the dresser/change table for Turtle's birthday.

Today I finally hung them both up and took the stuffies out of the garbage bag they were packed in when we moved back in September.  Turtle and Frog both "ooooh'd and awwww'd" over the stuffies looking down at them so I think we've got a decor success!  Tomorrow I'll take a picture of how their room is starting to shape up!

So that was my tackle and that was not one, two but THREE things crossed off my to do list for the girls room set up.

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