November 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday Nov 29 - Dec 6

Two weeks ago we tried doing a grocery trip for two weeks.  Which went well until Friday when we were out of a bunch of basics AND grocery money.  I decided to go back to once a week.  We really need the fresh fruit for Turtle and Frog, plus I've gotten used to having some to munch on when I'm feeling too lazy to cook!

Here's this week's menu including snacks and lunch for Turtle.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - cereal and fruit for everyone,
Tuesday and Thursday - toast and fruit for everyone,
Saturday - I make pancakes, waffles or eggs for everyone to eat together,
Sunday - everybody feed themselves, whatever they want.

Lunch - planned out mainly so I can make lunches without thinking about them during the week;
Monday - meat and cheese 'platter' - my thrift version of lunchables, this always gets devoured when I send it to school.
Tuesday - leftover pasta.
Wednesday - 1/2 a bakery cheese bun.
Thursday - leftover soup.
Friday -  1/2 bagel with cream cheese.
Saturday and Sunday are always open for suggestion, it depends on if Hubs or I are working.

Snacks - watermelon, mandarin oranges, red seedless grapes, air popped popcorn, yogurt, and giant goldfish crackers.

Planning that out for a whole week took a LOT of time.  I am planning on modifying the spreadsheet I shared a few menu plans ago so I don't have to keep track of all the choices in my head.

Hey! What's for dinner!?

Monday - pasta,
Tuesday - french toast and bacon, gotta have me some bacon!
Wednesday - tomato soup and grilled cheese,
Thursday - 3 cheese tortellini with marinara sauce and garlic bread,
Friday - shake & bake chicken, dry roast potatoes and peaches and cream corn,
Saturday - noodle night, this is basically a fancy version of ramen. Yes, ramen! We add shrimp, celery, carrots, and green onions to it.  One of these days I'll find a recipe for wonton stock and use that instead of the ramen base packages.
Sunday - Nachos, by Turtle's special request.

I think I've got it this time. That's what I get for blogging before I've even had my morning tea.

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