December 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Dec 13th

Here's another whoops from my last MPM post - I've been forgetting to link back to Org Junkie for the Linky!  So I'm going to try and remember to make the image a link!

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I am so glad that I've been doing menu plans each month at a time. Sure, the menu changes a few times but I only need to copy it out for the month to the fridge sheet so everyone can see what's coming up this week.  Which makes me especially happy as this morning, when I was printing out this week's sheet, my printer died! I can't get it to turn on, Hubs can't get it to turn on, we're pretty sure it's just dead.  I think that means that Boxing Day we'll be out shopping for a printer!

Now, on to the menu plan!

Breakfast is the usual; cereal or toast with fruit, a family breakfast on the weekend and everybody fending for themselves on Sunday.

Lunch needs to be worked on since the leftovers I've been saving for Hubs have been rapidly disappearing at dinner the night before since the girls are eating so much! I'm sure they are both growing again (like always!).

Monday - spaghetti and garlic bread
Tuesday - waffles and breakfast sausage
Wednesday - tomato soup and savoury grilled cheese
Thursday - three cheese tortellini and marinara sauce
Friday - fish & chips - we discovered a new type of fish that we are LOVING
Saturday - tacos
Sunday - shake & bake chicken (I need to find a better recipe for this!), baked potatoes and peaches and cream corn

I'm linking up to Menu Plan Monday at Org Junkie.

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