May 19, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday - Flylady Anti Procrastination Day!

This week has been a bit iffy what with me waking up Saturday afternoon from a nap and coughing up a lung. The cough has hung on all week and I am refusing procrastinating making a trip to the doctor.

So in the spirit of Flylady's Anti Procrastination day I decided to tackle a few tasks I've been avoiding putting off for a few weeks days. Nothing like doing housework/decluttering instead of waiting at the doctor's office for a few hours!

Last night I started with my desk.  Here's the before.
Yup. Quite the unsightly delightful mess! Please, pass me that black shopping bag so I can hide my head in it!

Several Farscape episodes and twenty four hours later here's the after(s)!

Ahhhhh... A clutter free desk!

While doing this I had to accomplish a few other things! Clean my earrings I took off almost a week ago.  Sort out the filing to add to our new filing drawer in the storage closet. Enter the index cards I wrote the list for My Chores.  Posted (and sold!) ads for the bassinet and car seat we had sitting in the living room and girls' room.

Before, the desk was a heap of 'to do' piles that I just kept shuffling around and sighing at.

After, I now have a nice clear space to finally work on some art!  Flylady's Anti Procrastination day works for me!


  1. I do this too! I've been making Wednesday/AntiProcrastination Day for so long, it's a habit. The challenge is deciding on ONE thing {that I've put off} to tackle ...
    First visit here - great post!

  2. Oooo, looks lovely! Guess what I'm going to be tackling on Wednesday...if I can find my desk, that is ;)

    Isn't it funny how things snowball when you get one AP job done?