June 05, 2010

Long time too much napping

Last week I tackled a nice deep clean in my bedroom.  Then last Saturday I rearranged some of the furniture in my room to accommodate a new vanity/bedside table.  Haven't found the table yet but I do have the rest of the room set up and ready to go.

Here's the befores.

Looking into our bedroom.

Looking across the room from the doorway to the corner under the window.  Where Hubs' dresser used to be.

Where the bookcase used to be.  This is where the vanity is going to go.

Our closet, before a big purge/rearrange.

Look for my updated room pictures after I go garage sale'ing this weekend. I'm on the hunt for a vanity table!


  1. Looking forward to the 'afters'! :D

  2. Happened upon your blog from the 52 Missions page (Mission 8)... following you now! :)