May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday baby girl!

One year ago you were exactly one hour old. 8:09 I heard your first cry, then "It's a girl! And she's got red hair!" Funny, those were the first words uttered at your sister's birth too!

This time, though, this time Daddy was able to be there. Stroking my forehead and locking gazes with me. Surgery makes me nervous, doctors make me nervous, pain makes me nervous.  Then the pediatrician set you between us on my arm and we fell in love.

Another girl for your daddy. Little hands and feet and big blue eyes.  You were not impressed by being removed from me. I'm sure you would have been even later than your sister!

Here you were. Here you are. One year later and you have us all wrapped around your gorgeous little fingers, being sucked on, being chewed on, as exuberantly as you suck your thumb.  Growing, gaining, laughing.

I brush your wispy red hair that grows longer every day and marvel that after one gorgeous little girl, I was given another.

So happy birthday baby, here's to the next year of watching you grow, gain and laugh.

your Mommy


  1. What a pair of cutie girls! Love the hair! My two were both redheads but has now sadly gone...and been replaced with Danish 'liver pâté' colour! LOL