April 07, 2011

Wreck for Love

Dear Hubs,

I tried. I really tried to make your cake wreck free.

Um. Just no.

To say my first attempt was less than a masterpiece is... Yeah, we'll just stick with it being a wreck.

aha! As good as any wreck out there!

Ok. OK! We'll just call it done and ignore the writing.

At least you got a happy face right? RIGHT!?

Anyway, Happy birthday with a smushed in a and y.

Love, me

I am not a food blogger, or a picture taker. Or even a baker.

But this cake? Was missing 1/4 of it when I got up this morning.  It may look like a wreck but there's nothing homemade chocolate icing can't fix!


  1. I am a "professional" Cake decorator. And this looks as good as anything I've ever made. Squished writing happens.

    No one cares as long as there is frosting ;)

  2. Hubs was VERY impressed with my chocolate icing. Comparable to Betty Crocker if you ask me, and with nothing I couldn't pronounce in it!