April 26, 2011

Stuck on Food

Y'all may remember my menu planning sheet.

Menu Plan

Tomorrow's Prep







While I loved it, I was limited by a few things about it;
  • needing to print a new one each week
  • not laminated (on purpose, I change my mind after all!)
  • not wanting to post the printed one on the fridge
  • I was STILL hearing "what's for dinner"
  • still forgetting what to take out because it was hidden away
Then when I was party hopping (LOVE crafty/decor blog parties, even if they do increase my project list each week) and stumbled across this.  Creative Momma D made hers out of dry erase paper with scrap booking rub on letters. "AHA!" I said as I pulled all my rub ons out and was nearly smothered.

After a quick trip to Dollarama ($2!), I now have this stuck to the front of the fridge.

Never enough tea in my kitchen!

When I finished putting the lettering on and put the menu up for the first time Hubs saw it.  Then said "I like this menu board, it's nice and simple!"

HA! Well done I say.

Well done indeed.

Eventually, I will get all the bags unpacked. Until then I'll have at least a weekly project to share!

Anyone else getting props for organizing/simplifying their lives this week?

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  1. Wow, that's nice! I think Denmark is still in the Middle Ages when it comes to art supplies (like dry erase paper) but I shall go look! :D