April 18, 2011

Lovely Wrap Up Bugs be GONE!

I'm happy (more happy that I probably should be, but pretty dang happy!) to announce that we passed our scent dog inspection today!

3 things about having 90% of your belongings in bags since last weekend;

Not so lovely thing? I've had to dig through various bags for clothes, towels, art supplies. Pretty much any thing we've needed.

A lovelier thing - we've had a very toy free week!

Loveliest thing of all? I now realize just how little of the stuff we still have bagged we actually need.  I'm going to be decluttering as I empty bags.  If I don't have room to make a home for something, out it goes!


  1. I've been reading through your latest posts, and was ever so curious about the bed bug situation. It's my worst nightmare! I'm scared to go to the movie theatres because I heard you can get bedbugs from there. My friend's mother in law had them, she is elderly, and due to her noncompliance, it took over a year for her to rid herself of the little critters...ok, and now I'm all itchy!
    Good points in your post about the bedbugs though. I hope (crossing all fingers and toes!) I never have to find out the work involved in getting rid of them!

  2. Movie theatres would seem to be a NASTY place to pick them up. Yuck.

    Just thinking about them, I'm all itchy again!

    It looks like they are all gone. The sad thing is that they were in Turtle's bedframe and supports! We are hoping we got them all. The dog handler said that the dog didn't hit on any of the bags, so I've been slowly unpacking!

    If you ever need to get rid of them, just take a day to go to the laundromat!