March 29, 2011

Taking back the living room

Perhaps you have one or two or more of those darling little creatures children. They may not have a playroom. Even better, they may just have a toy stash or several in your main living area. The best of all is when one of them is a fiercely independent nearly 2 year old who you haven't begun mastered the clean up routine with.

Do you know what that means?

Yes. Frog adores taking aaaaaaaall the toys off the shelf to spread them across the living room, into the dining room and down the hall. By the time Turtle comes home from school it looks like the floor has a raging toy fungus! Lucky girl that she is, I usually get her to do help with the clean up before supper. Then there's the after supper toy explosion!

Ikea Gles baskets. Love that they are stackable and have handles.

When erasing the evidence of the weekend I decided that I was going to reorganize a toy stash or two. The girls won't suddenly have a toy room. Nor is there going to be a furniture shopping spree. I just dumped the current baskets and sorted the toys. Turtle gets her baskets, Frog gets hers and the overflow goes to the linen closet to await a toy shuffle.

Shelves organized, toys contained.

Turtle and I revamped her play kitchen.  The clear trolley is going to be their play kitchen.  While I love the entertainment centre kitchens we just don't have room for one.  I have some prettifying to do there.

Now, least you think that this lasted more than an hour after Frog got out of bed...


Partying here;

Toni's having a party!  Make sure you head over the check it out.

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  1. LOL!! I love how you show the after and the after after:-)

  2. LOL!! "Raging toy fungus." Classic. Love it. :)

    PS My living room often has the same condition ;)

  3. With kids, there's always an after after.

    Lee, it's totally a raging toy fungus! The only solution is liberal amounts of caffeine and sneaking around the edges of the fungus!