March 16, 2011

Sprung from The Routine

It usually starts with a growl, a groan, a "it's whaaaat time?" Followed by some frenzied clothes finding, a rude awakening and a crying baby.  Then it slows to a crawl while one of us plods through eating breakfast.  Blogs are read while sipping tea in the vain hope it will waken me enough that I'll remember to take my medication and brush my own damn teeth.  Hubs is awakened to entertain the toddler while I shuffle Turtle off to school (a whole two minutes away so WHY are we late 1x a week?).

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Then, the skies parted, angels sang and...

Spring! Break! Is HERE!

Monday began with all of us sleeping in until the previously unachieved hour of 10am!  I'm sure staying up until 10pm the night before had nothing at all to do with that.  There was no screeching about needing to get up, no running out the door and down the hallway to get-to-the-school-on-time-omg-run-faster!  There was cuddles and kisses and warm groggy toddlers.

Then I shattered all of Turtle's illusions about Spring Break by making her help me disassemble the pantry closet while her sister slept.  We talked about natural disasters.  Watched movies and ate Turtle's favourite (KD!) for lunch.

Yesterday went much the same, minus the pantry clean out.  We spent the majority of our day working on paintings.  Sitting at the table as I showed her how to paint without pulling bristles out of the brush.  She reminded me of how very much like her artistic (PURPLE SKIES MAWM!) she is.

Spring Break? You are so hired!  Please extend your stay another 2 or three weeks.

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