January 20, 2011

Nothing to see here

Or is there?!

It's been a week full of procrastination around here.  One thing has led to another and now it's Thursday!

So here's some catch up for you

On Thursday!

I printed out one of Get Organized Wizard's menu printables*, I love that it lets me plan out breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I'm going to do a display version of this for myself.

Laura posted this link on January 10th's Menu Plan Monday. I found this awesome idea to use up one of the cork boards I have hiding in my pantry at the moment. Now to see if I have the ribbon and such to make my own version (in green and blue of course!).

So far this week we've eaten pita pizzas, creamy cheeseburger macaroni, waffles and bacon.
Thursday (today!) - scrambled eggs and toast
Friday - spaghettini and meat sauce
Saturday - pizza buns, we're going to switch up the toppings for this one, basically our regular pita pizza toppings on buns

Yeah, still Thursday!

Monday night I had Turtle completely empty out her art & craft shelf in our linen closet. She threw out a full shopping bag full of papers and mostly used notebooks. We added some more papers to her bags to scan and post here.

Well, now I'm only a day behind!

Have you seen Awesome Note? You should try it! I tried the Lite version, then I saw what I could do with the full version and bought it for my iPod**.  I love that I don't need to clutter up my planner with multiple post-it notes now! I could use Awesome Note for appointments and scheduling as well, but honestly, sometimes I really love my pen and paper!

*I won this  in November of 2009 from one of Laura's Round-Ups.

**I paid full price for this from Apple's App store. I love the App store.

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