January 21, 2011

For Fridge's Sake

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, mine needs a pacemaker. With a toddler, a 2nd grader and a husband who works evenings, more often than not, my poor kitchen is a wasteland of recycling, dirty dishes and a trail of toys.

The worst offender in the kitchen is the stove with the fridge a close second. Spills, unlined crisper drawers, it can get a bit gross in there! Friday is the day I set aside to tackle my kitchen, then Hubs doesn't need to spend all weekend restoring it. This week I really need to give the fridge a detail cleaning as well as organize what we have in the freezer.

So! While I scour, scrub and snarl here's some links for you.

Tanna also cleaned her fridge this week.

Laura has this guest post from August of last year on organizing your fridge/freezer.

I'm making this to display our menu each week. Hubs and Turtle are ALWAYS asking 'what's for dinner?'. With this, I just need to point to the board.

Here's a few pantry and freezer inventory printables for you.

Little Birdhouse has a really cute Chillin' In the Freezer one.
About.com's is cute as well.
If you're using Organized Home to make a home management binder, here's their freezer printable.

Do any of you use freezer inventories? Or can you remember what you have in there all by your lonesome?

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