January 02, 2011

Grand Start to the New Year

I'm sure you have all read Organized Home's New Year's Cleaning Grand  Plan? You haven't? Well! Basically, it is fourteen weeks of cleaning your house room by room, area by area. That's the basic premise.  I was interested in doing a twist on this last year, but time got away from me (or was it my motivation?).  I kept my plans/ideas for it and when November rolled around I made an editorial calendar* of what I'd like to post on the blog and when I'd minimally like to post on the blog.  Putting my plans back in play for participating in my version of the NYGCP worked well for the editorial calendar so I pencilled it in.

Yesterday, while Frog was napping, I attacked the pantry. 
Yes, that was really what greeted me when I'd open the door!
We've only been here three months and it already looked like that! Not to mention I couldn't get to anything I wanted at the back of the closet and half of it was buried!

So I pulled all the bags I'd shoved in there out, hauled them into my bedroom (for just in case babyproofing) and organized the rest if the closet. By the way, is a three by seven room actually a 'closet'?

Several hours and a lunch break later, the pantry looked a little fuller than this, but not by much.
That flooring is really, REALLY ugly.
You'll see I even have a shelf for empty storage containers, definitely inspired by Laura!

And so my New Year's Grand deCluttering Plan begins!

*this isn't where I first found out about the editorial calendar but it's a nice short post to start you on the right track!


  1. That looks great! Who knew there was a floor down there? LOL

  2. Sadly, it's half covered again by totes that I need to post on a clothing swap site! But at least it's organized!