August 10, 2010

My husband has baggage

No, seriously, he has baggage! Or luggage, whatever, he has a big ol' trunk he inherited from his grandfather which has followed us for the past 8 years from one home to another.

Yes, that's his baggage trunk!

Usually I shove this thing into the storage closet and try to forget it exists. Until the next time I have to move it.  It's not very bendy!

Although, it is waterstained!

It's also lined with a truly FABULOUS paper (did I mention it smells?)

Huh, Made in Vancouver! Guess I'll have to do something with it!

So! Pre - Moving Project #1 (which I will probably finish around December) - do SOMETHING with this trunk that does not involve a) the dumpster or b) donating it.

Suggestions? Comments? Screams of horror?

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