August 19, 2010

Living Room 2.?

The best part of movie is probably up for debate. That some people ENJOY moving is even up for debate.  If you want to debate either of those, we're not going to do it today here!  Tonight I'd like to gush about MY fave part of moving into a new home; the new furniture arrangements.

Almost to scale, here's a 'rough' of the floor plan.
Since our new apartment is a tad bigger AND has a fabulous vaulted ceiling in it we are facing a few issues regarding furniture arrangements. 1) We're on the third floor now so we have a balcony we intend to turn into an adult only room (it's above a busy road and we both know what little kids and balcony railings mean). 2) The vaulted ceiling, while fabulous, means we need to take care we don't have the roller coaster eye line. 3) We have LIGHT! Fabulous light! Extra windows! Fabulous for doing artwork! So where do I set up my art area?

All those issues being said, I believe I've figured it out!  For a better idea of the furniture; short bookcase = Ikea's Billy bookcase, Expedit (ours is 4x2), couch = Ikea's Klippan (in black, and it's not so shiny!), desks = Ikea's Galant (in birch with these legs), router stand = Ikea's Lerberg (in dark grey).

I think that's it. That's the plan, but we have another bookcase, a chair, and a stool to put in there somewhere!  There may end up being a reading area in our bedroom after all!

So, what do you think?

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  1. I think you should ask those lovely people at Ikea for ideas. And sponsorship! ;D