May 05, 2010

Works-For-Me Wednesday - Library Edition

I like books. No, I love books. There is something fabulous about holding a book and taking the time to immerse yourself in it.

Having said that, while I love books I don't love the price tag on 90% of them.  I will wait months (even years in some cases) for books to go on sale.  Not 10, 20, or even 50%. I'm talking about you pay $5 for a hard cover book that was $30 plus dollars when it came out!

So how do I indulge my love of reading AND books without breaking the bank?

I use the library. Specifically I use my local library's online catalog.  I can log onto the catalog any time of night and day. Then I can search for (nearly) any book and request it.  The book is then sent to my library when it's available and I can go pick up a handful of books at the same time!

Being a mom who works part time two days a week, has to bus the eldest to and from school, I love that I can browse my library from home and find all the books I want!

Online library catalog with requesting, renewing and searching options works for me!


  1. Great advice. I do this, too.

  2. That's exactly what we do too! Our (tiny) library does NOT have an online or computer catalog (yet-- at this year's town meeting the town voted to change this), and while they *do* have interlibrary loan, the librarians always seem to "forget" what I'm looking for. Pft.

    I pay $30 a year to use a library in a neighboring town. Since it's in another state, and I don't pay taxes to support their library, I have to pay to take books out. I did the math, and it costs us about 50c/week this way. Considering I'd pay 50 cents just for the snack that DD gets during the weekly storyhour there, I consider this a fantastic deal! Because who has $30 a week (or more) to spend on a book?? I've even started a jar, and I toss two quarters in it every Wednesday after storytime, and this way when my renewal time comes along I won't be pressed for the cash.

    I wonder when my book is published (ha) if I can request that I only do book signings at libraries? (My future publicist would probably NOT go for this.)

  3. As a home school mom and a lover of books as well, this is the only way to go!!!! I have to pay $50 a year for my membership, but it is still a great deal considering the amount of books we get!

  4. Well hello there! I am popping in from Works for Me Wednesday.

    I love this post. I started doing the very same thing when my son was born. I suddenly found myself with plenty of reading time, but no time to stroll through the library with a cranky, colicky baby.

    Thanks for sharing! While you are out and about visiting other entries, stop by and see me at Free 2 Be Frugal.


  5. I do this, too. It also cuts down on children browsing questionable books in the juvenile department when you choose classic good books online and then simply pick them up!

  6. Hi C!

    I love the library too! Ours is free, very high tech and you can borrow DVDs, CDs, magazines, Wii games, jigsaw puzzles and games for the kids and - yes - even books! LOL

    I wrote a post about our local library...where you can even climb on the bookshelves!