May 03, 2010

Menu Plan Monday May 3 - 9th

This week we are going pasta crazy around here.  I've been adding some italian seasoning to the ground beef as I cook it and Hubs is loving it!  Which is ok with Turtle and I as we are all pastaholics in this house!

Monday - spaghettini with meat sauce

Tuesday - honey ham and cheese sandwiches on bakery fresh bread... LOVE that bakery fresh bread!

Wednesday - mommy's meatloaf, baked potatoes and cheese baked broccoli

Thursday - another round of pasta... it's like leftovers, only not!

Friday - chicken stir 'fry'... we bake the chicken, microwave steam a bag of premixed stirfry veggies and cook the egg noodles. Then I toss them all together in the warm noodle pot with the stir fry sauce. It's quite yummy!

Saturday - french toast and bacon... Hubs is at band practice on Saturday so I can make one of my favorite meals for Turtle and I!

Sunday - pasta, again! Love this! May bake it with cheese for Hubs.  That'll add a little variety to the week.

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  1. Hooray for your new blog - nice menu, love pasta too! ;)