April 04, 2011

Brain Contained

For the second half of March I worked and slaved over my six (what was I thinking!) different household binders.  I had one for basic stuff, the girls, budgetting/financing, birthdays & holidays, the blog and a personal development one for me.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Do you see the problem?

I had to look through FOUR different binders last week when I was updating my calendar.  I wasn't even done the system yet and it was in need of major tweaking.

So when Jen posted the challenge link I pored through the links posted.  Heaving a deep sigh, I took my carefully arranged and organized binders and dumped.them.all.out.

Pardon the blurriness. I really need to find my camera's manual.

Here's the basic one now;

Calendar; previous months, auto maintenance log*, important dates*

Gift Giving; gift wish list**, gift giving log*

Schedule; basic weekly plan, prepare for tomorrow, Frog, Turtle & Mommy routine sheets

Frog; data sheet, clothing inventory

Turtle (& ADD); data sheet, clothing inventory, chore & reward system, some basic ADD information on routines and behavioural techniques

Cleaning; home maintenance checklist*, minimum maintenance***

Menu Planning; basic weekly menu (seasonal), master meal list, favourite meals**, recipe inventory**, chillin' in the freezer, hangin' out in the pantry, Canada's food guide copy, Eating Routine for Young Children, Turtle's list of ok school foods

Medical; doctor visits log, dentist visits log, medications log, Frog immunizations record, Turtle immunizations record

Bills; finance checklist*, basic budget, +/- tracking (savings, budget, expenses, groceries, eating out and purchases), debt repayment worksheet**, savings fund**, FACE worksheet, money & finance master goals**

Contacts; emergency phone list**, medical professionals**

Now that I've finally assembled it into making some sort of sense, I can't wait to start using it.

Have you created a home binder or redone your current one lately?

*Jen's printables


  1. Haven't yet, but need to. Bought a new binder as my old one (a recycled favorite from college) is falling to bits.

  2. Hi, I only just found out about the binders so haven't created one myself but decided to peruse around and see what everyone came up with and get some great ideas!

    Thanks for sharing your binder :)

  3. Seeing new binders is always fun. I'm trying to make a prettier cover for mine, but I've got no colour in my printer.

    I'm thinking I'm going to use up my scrap booking materials to make them up.