February 08, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday - Feb 8

On Saturday I went a little crazy, spurred on by the recurring nightmare that is my pantry, I hauled every dang thing out of the girls' closet.  After I hauled every dang thing out of the pantry.

Yes, it was not a very good idea to rearrange/organize two rooms at the same time.  Especially when I underestimated Frog's reaction to a newly arranged bedroom (the tears! the screaming!).  Yes, I did have to reset their room.

Totally NOT the before. The nice and tidy after.
Turtle's hiding place for the Frog unfriendly toys AKA choking hazards.

The 'new' pantry set up.

Once again I can see the pantry floor along with all the other items I need to add to my todo list.  Such as buy baskets and labels and get rid of that half unassembled folding screen.

Pantry? Tackled! Again.

Girls' closet? Tackled!

I'm linking up to Tackle it Tuesday at 5 Minutes for Mom.


  1. Go You!!! You can come tackle my Turtle's closet next :-D

  2. I will.

    As long as I can have some type of liquid courage immediately before and after diving in. What a mess!