February 04, 2011

Is it tomorrow yet?

The last two weeks has just felt odd.  The weekdays have seemed never-ending and one continual round of "PICK THAT UP/PUT IT AWAY/DON'T TOUCH THAT/DO YOUR HOMEWORK".  Saturday and Sunday have come and passed in the blink of an eye and I find myself waking up on Monday saying, "AGAIN? PASS!"

So last night when I desperately needed some community, something, someone, ANYTHING to talk my off my "oh why me" ledge, I found this.  I was able to take a breath.

Then I saw this.  Or maybe the order was reversed.  Whatever.

Either way, I needed something.  I needed to have my feelings articulated by someone else.  I needed to feel like I was not alone in this struggle.

So today I will focus on breathing. On expanding the confining suffocation I feel.  Just for today I will push back the darkness with all I've got, with all I can muster.

Tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow can be better.  I will MAKE tomorrow better.

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