August 08, 2010

Moving on and up!

Around the middle of June I started downright despising the local transit system. It's not bad if you are getting around downtown, it's actually terrible convenient and well planned out. However! When you get to where I need to catch the bus, it's either late or early. Rarely is it on time, and if it is on time? I've already left that stop and gone to the main exchange on my end of town.  Add to this dislike the fact that I've now failed two road tests and I was fed up with having to take the bus! I was not looking forward to taking it daily when school started back up.  So Hubs and I decided it was time to move!

It took about 3 weeks of solid searching but we finally found (and were accepted into) an apartment that is all of five minutes walk from Turtle's school and barely a ten minute walk from my work!  We also are moving into an apartment on the third floor so we can take advantage of being off the ground floor and open our curtains and windows whenever we please!

For the rest of August and all of September I will try to post at least once a week with an update on something relating to the move, even if it's that I managed to pack one teeny tiny box!

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