April 26, 2010

Here a pile, there a pile!

So, Saturday I talked to Hubs about moving our tall IKEA Billy bookcase to the end of my desk. Our desk, the desk. Whichever, I wanted it in the office so I could have my art supplies and books at fingertip.

Hubs agreed we would try it out.  It only needed a whole lotta little rearranging.

Before - the main cause of my desperately needing wanting to rearrange was that pile on the end of my desk. That HUGE pile of every piece of paper that I had to file in some way or another in the storage closet. The storage closet that had waaaaaaay too much stuff in it!  Really, there were a few other piles here and there and everywhere for me to relocate to filing.

So began the not-so great rearrange of this weekend. I'll spare you the details and photos of what I had to do to get to this point.  That would be the tall bookcase on it's way from the storage closet to the office.

Did I mention I had a helper for this madness fabulous idea I had?

Somehow Turtle doesn't look as exhausted enthused as her mommy!  Probably because she knows that this means her room/closet is next!

The weekend ended with everything in a rough set up.  The piles? They are still on my desk. And the dining room table. And the floor of the storage closet. Yikes!  Look for an update tomorrow as I slog through the piles now that I can happily easily reach all my filing.

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